Wyoming Photos May 23, 2020

Photos taken from our trip to Wyoming and Colorado

Rock Collection

Old Fashioned Espresso Machine

Cafe Hanging Lamp

Disused Wagon

Barn Window

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Toronto Photos Jan 27, 2020

Photos from around Toronto that I took in 2019.

The Toronto Skyline


Clocktower at Old City Hall

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Chromecast Photos 2019 Sep 23, 2019

These photos of mine were featured in the 2019 set of Chromecast photos, you may have seen them on your television as a sort of default screensaver.

CN Tower

This is CN Tower, it’s in Toronto, and is easily the most iconic feature of that city’s skyline.


This is a sort of mechanical calulator at the Museum of Art in Vienna.

The Wine Barrel below is from Picchetti Winery in Northern California.

Wine Cask

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Some old Stanford Photography Sep 22, 2019

Photos I took of stanford in 2016 to test out different options for HDR.

Wooden Croc

Trees and Path

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Cabin Photos Sep 21, 2019

These photos were selected to decorate a cabin in Lake Tahoe, one is even of Lake Tahoe.

Pine Needles

Lake Tahoe

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